Top 5 Thanksgiving Desserts to Say “Thanks”

It’s one of our favorite holidays of the year at – Thanksgiving!  Who doesn’t love a holiday where the main focus is gobbling up some delicious goodies?  We’ve got just the selection of Thanksgiving treats to help make this fun and festive holiday even sweeter.  Grab one of our Thanksgiving gift baskets and bring it to the family dinner or send it to a get-together that you are unable to attend.  These beautiful and bountiful fall gift baskets make a stunning center piece and will surely be the talk of the table!

Our Thanksgiving gift baskets are brimming with fall harvest snacks.  From sweet to savory, our gift baskets have just enough treats and sweets to satisfy every taste buds.

Check out some suggestions below!


Thanksgiving Dipped and Decorated Oreos®  $19.95     

No matter what the holiday, Chocolate Covered Oreos® are ALWAYS in season! Try this American classic with a Thanksgiving twist on it. These classic cookies are one of our best sellers, and an ideal gift to bring to a dinner party, or just to stay home and enjoy all by yourself. These hand decorated Oreo® cookies are dipped in your choice of delicious fine gourmet chocolate – dark, milk, or white and are adorned with adorable, hand crafted royal-icing Thanksgiving decorations and autumn sprinkles. Presented in a beautiful gold box of 9 cookies and hand tied with an exquisite ribbon.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake Pops  $35.95 1350668060405-1384343206

Our box of 12 Thanksgiving Cake Pops are created by mixing fresh cake with butter-cream, then dipping each into gourmet Belgian chocolate.  The cake pop has a hard chocolate shell with very moist, fresh cake inside – similar to a rich brownie or cookie dough.  Each cake pop is approximately the size of a golf ball.  Choose from our delicious cake flavors like classic white cake, classic chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate-chocolate chip, red velvet, lemon, butter pecan, carrot, chocolate mint chip, and sprinkle.


Thanksgiving Hand Dipped and Decorated Traditional Fortune Cookies  LF-FCH9-IW-2$15.60

Share good fortune with family and friends this Thanksgiving.  Our Thanksgiving fortune cookies are hand dipped in your choice of Belgian chocolates – dark, milk, or white, or try our rich, golden caramel.  Our confectionery designers decorate each cookie with adorable hand crafted royal icing decorations and autumn-themed sprinkles. Create a new family tradition around the Thanksgiving table by reading your fortune aloud! Choose from our selection of themed fortune messages, depending on the special occasion. From traditional fortune messages to corporate and business messages, you can even customize your own fortune message!


Autumn Cookie Bouquet $29.99 – $64.99Autumn Cookie Bouquet

This year, send some warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving with a delicious cookie bouquet arrangement.  Our cookies are buttery and hand made Vanilla Sugar Shortbread Cookies, freshly baked and iced within hours of being out of the oven.  Make your bouquet extra special with our Keepsake Pail option! Our Keepsake Pail contains a pail selected to match your bouquet theme with a decorative label to match filled, with tissue paper for a breath-taking display!  Each cookie bouquet is available in 5 cookies, 7 cookies, 9 cookies, or 12 cookies.


Holiday Turkey Basket $72.95Thankgsiving Lollipop Gift Bouquet

Send this adorable lollipop bouquet basket stuffed with 26 seasonal gourmet lollipops for a unique and fun Thanksgiving Centerpiece that is sure to be the talk of the table.  Colorful leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, and Indians are some of the fun shapes that fill our special Thanksgiving lollipop bouquet.  With flavors like butterscotch, chocolate, marshmallow, and lemon, everyone will want to just “gobble” them up!

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