Closet of Free Samples Review – By Ashley

Let me guess — you’re thinking to yourself how cute are our Christmas selection of Chocolate Covered Oreos® and Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies, but do they taste as good as they look?  Well, wonder no more.  Read about it right here from one of our bloggers, or just ask anyone else who has tasted our delicious treats!

Closet of Free Samples Photo Review #2

Photo credit: Closet of Free Samples

“Whether you’re looking for an excuse to indulge or looking for a great gift is the place to go! They just sent me some of their chocolate and white chocolate covered oreos AND fortune cookies to try and boy are they delicious! The elegant assortment of Christmas Hand-Dipped & Decorated Gourmet Fortune Cookies and oreos look fabulous. They arrived not only quickly from when I ordered it, but in perfect condition. You may remember a previous review I did of Edible Gifts Plus where my items were delivered melted despite their efforts and careful packaging. It was actually the fault of the delivery service. While I was still happy with my order, they weren’t having it and were quick to send me a new shipment because presentation is just as important to them as the quality. I was impressed by the gesture and it showed me they care about their product and their customer.

As far as this package goes thankfully I was able to get to my package and all was perfect without any flaws due to delivery or weather (even though we’re in the 80’s in December here!). As far as how they taste – DELICIOUS! Each item was fresh and you could taste it. You can tell this company makes their products when an order is made to keep it at it’s ultimate freshness which is important in any food delivery business if you ask me. The flavors taste unique to other products I’ve had. You can taste the quality put into the product. These would make for a great gift for yourself, family, friends, or even as a corporate gift! Not to mention reasonably priced and quick shipping, even during the holidays. I have yet to have a bad experience with Edible Gifts Plus and can honestly recommend you give them a try!”

– Ashley with Closet of Free Samples

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